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Korilla Natural Farming

Korilla's Oriental Herbal Nutrient

Korilla's Oriental Herbal Nutrient

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Experience the power of traditional herbs with Korilla's Oriental Herbal Nutrient. This liquid fertilizer is a unique blend of nutrients derived from traditional herbs, formulated using Korean Natural Farming techniques.

Key Features:

  • Herbal Power: Our Oriental Herbal Nutrient is made from traditional herbs, providing a rich source of various nutrients and beneficial compounds.
  • Easy to Use: Can be used as a soil amendment or as a foliar spray, providing a direct source of nutrients to plants.
  • Sustainable and Natural: Made using traditional Korean Natural Farming techniques, our Oriental Herbal Nutrient is a natural, sustainable, and effective way to nourish your plants.


  • Promotes Healthy Growth: The nutrients in this fertilizer promote plant health and growth, enhancing the overall yield.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our natural and sustainable production process means you can nourish your plants without harming the environment.

How to Use:

For soil application, dilute 1 part Oriental Herbal Nutrient with 1000 parts water. For foliar application, dilute 1 part Oriental Herbal Nutrient with 500 parts water. Spray on plants during the early morning or late evening for best results.

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