About Us

Korilla Natural Farming is a leader in sustainable agriculture, harnessing elements from Korean Natural Farming practices and Jadam Technology to create a range of organic products that promote soil health, boost crop yields, and reduce reliance on synthetic inputs.

Our diverse product line, which includes Living Soil, Oriental Herbal Nutrients, Fermented Plant Juice, and our flagship Korilla Guard, is crafted from natural materials, formulated using traditional methods and is a USDA certified organic.

At Korilla, we believe in the power of nature to provide effective, environmentally safe solutions for farmers and gardeners. Our commitment to quality, proven effectiveness, and environmental safety make our products the best choice for those seeking to cultivate greener gardens and a healthier planet.

Premium Cannabis Strains for Optimal Growth

Korilla Clones

Discover our Korilla Clones, a diverse selection of over 25 cannabis strains, each meticulously cultivated and acclimated to thrive in the Thai climate. Start your cultivation journey on the right foot with our robust and resilient clones.

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Your Personal Plant Health Specialist

Dr. Korilla

Trouble in your garden? Dr. Korilla is here to help! Submit images and descriptions of your plant issues, and our experts will diagnose the problem and recommend effective, natural solutions.

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Elevate Your Grow Operations with Soung

Master Grower Consultation

Elevate your grow operations with personalized advice from our Master Grower, Soung. From start-ups to established operations, Soung's expertise can guide you towards sustainable success in plant cultivation.

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